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Slab Kitchen Cabinet – 100% made in USA
Most cabinet doors still use a form of contoured design, in which frames and panels are constructed so that the cabinet faces are dimensional rather than flat. This raised panel design gives a very traditional look.

However, flat-panel doors, otherwise known as “slab” cabinet doors, are increasing in popularity, largely because they lend a modern look to any kitchen or bathroom.

As is true of raised panel cabinet doors, slab doors can be constructed in many ways, and the construction methods largely dictate the cost of the cabinets. One constant, though, is the fact that slab doors have no frames–they are simply solid slab.

Slab doors can paradoxically create two opposite looks in a kitchen or bathroom–one of sleek modernity, the other of plain utilitarianism.

If you’re remodeling a modern kitchen or changing your kitchen/bath into that style, consider using slab doors on your cabinets. Slab doors create the smooth, clean, uncomplicated lines of contemporary design.

The Dowell family is dedicated to bringing the largest selection of environmentally sustainable building materials from around the world to your business. We are leading the way to help bring the quality of materials your vendors want without sacrificing their carbon footprint.

The Dowell has manufactoring facilities in New York to bring the costs to your expectation.

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